Power BI Pivot Table – Customize Your Report

Bring Excel power pivot table experience to Power BI!

Analyze your Power BI report like in Excel. Create a matrix visual where end-users can select Rows, Columns and Values like they do in a pivot table in Excel.

With the new Personalize this visual feature enabled, end-users can now modify visuals independently, without needing to ask a developer. Report viewers can switch the visual type, add legends, enhance tooltips, or even completely redefine data for rows and columns.

Personalize this visual
Personalize this visual


After activating the Personalize this visual feature in Options and publishing to the service, end-users need to click the icon on top of a chart to start exploring tables and fields to customize the visual. While powerful, this feature may not be intuitive and can overwhelm users with too many choices, especially if the model is large.

To simplify this process, a developer can pre-define usable dimensions and measures and place a selection panel conveniently on a report page. This allows end-users to easily make selections within the given options. The matrix will automatically adjust to the changing selection of rows, columns, and values.

Pivot Table - Customize Your View

This report page is created by combining three sets of Field Parameters (Rows, Columns, and Values), placing them in a matrix chart and adding three slicers for selection. It’s as simple as that. The navigation through the page is straightforward and intuitive, much like an Excel pivot table.