Power BI Deployment

Practical assistance through each step of Your Power BI deployment process

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most easily integrated and quickest rollout BI solutions in the market.  EXCELLAB can help you integrate Power BI seamlessly.

      • - Support in migration of your existing reporting capabilities into Power BI
        - Design of dynamic Power BI reports and dashboards built on your data. Prototyping and testing
        - Training your team on how to create, consume, analyze, and share reports
    • We will develop and deliver prototyping capabilities across your Data and Analytics in order to demonstrate that data can be used to improve your business, operational or customer outcomes

Power BI rollout usually follows four phases:

Phase 1: Current status assessment (capability, data sources, users)
Phase 2: Technical prototyping & solution creation
Phase 3: Publishing & monitoring
Phase 4: Support, training & expansion

App Workspaces as central point for collaboration and sharing

Power BI deployment Austria - Usage scenario
Power BI deployment - usage scenario. Click to enlarge

While the Power BI ecosystem is very flexible and you can utilize it in several ways, our preferred Power BI deployment solution is a "bottom-up" approach wherein the subject matter experts in the functional business units (usually business analysts) drive the analytical initiatives for their team.  You handle collaboration and distribution of reports and dashboards within an App Workspace and deliver read-only content to business users via Apps.  You use On-Premises Data Gateway to allow Power BI to connect from the cloud to on-premises data sources for a scheduled refresh.


Planning a Power BI deployment - Whitepaper

Power BI deployment in a large enterprise is a complex task, and one that requires a lot of thought and planning. The purpose of this whitepaper written by Melissa Coates (BlueGranite) and Chris Webb (Crossjoin Consulting) is to help you make your Power BI deployment a success: it covers key considerations, the decisions which will be necessary throughout the process, and potential issues you may encounter. The authors offer best practices and suggestions when possible.

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