Top 30 reasons You Should Be Considering Power BI

“In the future there will be those that moved early to adopt the new approach and are leading from the front, and there will be those that couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, and got left behind in the dust…” Matt Allington shares on his blog the list of Top Reasons You Should Consider Using Power BI in Your Organisation:

  1. It’s Microsoft (the new Microsoft)
  2. Power BI is built from the ground up on SSAS heritage
  3. Power BI is built from the ground up on SSIS heritage
  4. Power BI will ingest data from virtually any source
  5. Power BI is highly compressed and performant
  6. Power BI has a brand new visualisation engine
  7. Power BI also has open source visualisations
  8. Power BI is built for users familiar with Excel, but it’s not Excel
  9. Power BI is in the cloud…
  10. Unless it’s not in the cloud
  11. Power BI has mobile apps
  12. You can subscribe via eMail – but please don’t!
  13. Power BI can be embedded into your own custom apps
  14. Power BI is very cheap to buy
  15. Power BI is easy to use (and hence cheap to train users)
  16. Power BI has a modelling engine that power users can learn
  17. Power BI has data loading tools that power users can learn
  18. Power BI is self service BI…
  19. Except when its not self service BI
  20. Power BI has consolidation dashboards
  21. Power BI gets better every day – literally!
  22. Power BI has a massive user community
  23. The Power BI user community decides what’s important
  24. Power BI has a natural language query engine
  25. Power BI has quick insights for automatic analysis
  26. Power BI seamlessly integrates with Excel (no need for export)
  27. Power BI seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint
  28. Power BI has R Integration
  29. Power BI has Esri Integration
  30. Gartner Loves Microsoft

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